Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Learning to Relax

Source No, this is not my bathroom, I wish
I have several health issues, I will spare everyone the details, and just say that the primary issue is anxiety. I worry about everything, silly things. It's like my brain gets stuck on something and that is all I can think about until I get myself into a tither. As a result of this anxiety, my body is in a constant state of stress. Long story short, when the body is under stress, health issues develop. It's a dangerous cycle. As a result, I have had several medical professionals tell me that I need to learn how to relax. There is only one problem with this. I don't know how to relax. The concept of just turning off my brain and not worrying about... something... is foreign to me. I cannot sit still, I feel as though there is always something to do, a room that needs to be cleaned, paperwork that needs to be dealt with, food to be prepared. On the positive note, Tom and I rarely buy prepared food, and our home is, for the most part, tidy and company ready at any given time.

On Saturday, I had a rough day at work. Our billing system was down for the weekend for a planned upgrade. As a result, I had the opportunity to spend eight hours with countless customers that were either grumpy or down right mean. Like I said, it was rough. I got home, prepared to start cleaning a room in my apartment, when Tom sent me to the bathroom. We have a claw foot tub, the old fashioned iron kind. Tom had drawn me a bubble bath, lit a bunch of candles, and had Dave Matthews Band playing on my iPod. I put on a chocolate masque and soaked in the tub. I tried meditating while soaking, just to keep my mind busy. Then I focused on the music. About an hour later, I emerged from the bathroom in a much better state of mind than when I went in.

This morning, I had my second acupuncture appointment, which was just as amazing as my first one. I asked the acupuncturist how acupuncture worked, and she explained that pains and health issues are the way the body responds to being out of balance. She then explained that things like acupuncture and baths help center the body, restoring a sense of calm. I'm not really one to follow energy stuff, but the acupuncture is definitely helping.

This is the dilemma, as relaxing as my bubble bath was, and as wonderful acupuncture is, I can't exactly spend an hour in the tub every night, and I definitely can't visit my acupuncturist on a daily basis. How do I just relax? Are you able to "turn your brain off" and just think about nothing? What do you do to de-stress and relax?


  1. I also wish to have that same bathroom, Jenny! Hehe! Anyway, it’s not really required that you have to visit your acupuncturist everyday, you just have to be consistent. I visit my acupuncturist once a month and I can feel that my body slowly feeling better for the past six months. I hope that you’re still getting acupuncture until now and I bet you’re enjoying a healthier body after your sessions. :D

    -Shan Salas-

  2. There are many ways to relieve stress. You just have to chose a routine that will make you feel light and happy. A visit to a physical therapist can also be beneficial, since they can teach you some simple exercises that can eventually lighten up your mood and can relax your mind. Visiting your acupuncturist monthly or regularly consulting with a PT will benefit you. :D



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