Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Tom: It was so awesome watching you build the shelf last night. There is just something about a guy with power tools... *wink*  It is exactly what I wanted, I can't wait to stain it tonight.

Dear Kitchen: It is on! We have inspiration, we are gathering pieces, it is only a matter of time until you are the snazzy red and black retro vibe kitchen that Tom and I actually want to spend time in!

Dear Baker's Rack: I am sure that you are aware of the spray paint treatment bestowed upon the spice rack, paper towel holder, and mug tree. You, my friend, are next. If Tom get's his way, you might be moving too, and *gasp* become functional.

Dear Immune System: Seriously? What did I do to you? First I have a cold/flu that completely ruined Columbus Day weekend, and just as I'm getting over it, you throw a stomach virus at me and now I am on a clear liquid diet for the next 48 hours. What I would not do for a hamburger right now, or even crackers.

Dear Tom: Thank you for taking care of me last night, I was in a lot of pain and you came to my rescue, just like you always do. I am such a lucky girl to have you in my life. This Sunday, I'm totally making you apple turnovers to return the favor. That's right, puff pastry, all for you baby.

Dear IVF Financial Services: We had our consultation 3 weeks ago, and have been waiting white knuckled for a yay or nay. I've called you every week, at least once, hoping for an answer. That being said, why did you wait until this past Monday to submit our paperwork to the insurance company?

Dear Acupuncturist: I had no idea that acupuncture can be used to treat head colds! You said the acupuncture would help me get over my cold faster, I woke up Monday feeling like death warmed over, and by Tuesday night I was breathing through both nostrils again. You are good.

Dear Passionfruit: I am seriously considering using you for ad swaps, but I am torn and wondering if I should let my blog grow a little bit more first. It is a definitely a mental debate.


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