Monday, October 22, 2012

Moving Forward

I apologize for not posting lately, truth be told, I just do not have a lot to write about right now. There is so much happening, yet at the same time so little. We received financial approval for IVF, now I just need to wait for the finance department to get in contact with my specific doctor so that they can tell me what to do next. Things are starting to get very real, I went to my cousin's baby shower on Sunday, and all I could think about it how next summer we will (hopefully) be celebrating my baby shower. I had an acupuncture session this morning, and my acupuncturist informed me that next week we are going to start focusing on fertility and less on anxiety, which is definitely going to be a change.

In other news, but sort of related, Tom and I have started looking at new cars. Specifically, an SUV crossover. Right now, we drive a Chevy Impala, which we love, and paid off last Thursday. The only problem with our current car? When Tom and I go camping, we use up the entire trunk and the backseat. There is simply no way we could fit a car seat or two plus baby gear plus all our camping equipment. We also like to road trip and need something reliable that we will all fit in. I guess the nearly 200,000 miles we have put on our current vehicle does not help the situation either. After test driving about a half dozen different vehicles, I think we are going to go with a Subaru Outback. We really loved test driving it, it has an excellent resale value, and our friends are giving it rave reviews.

I guess that's about it, lots of dreaming, planning, and waiting.

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