Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My First Experience with Acupuncture

During our doctor's appointment last week, our nurse recommended that I try acupuncture as a treatment for my anxiety and infertility. Scientific research has determined that acupuncture is an effective method of treatment for infertility in that it can increase blood to the uterus, it also eases the egg retrieval process, and works in conjunction with embryo transfer. Acupuncture is also known for it's ability to relax the patent and calm symptoms of anxiety. One less that I have learned in life is that it is important to give everything a try, at least once. With that, I booked my first acupuncture appointment.

I brought Tom along for support. I'm not afraid of needles, it was just something new and I wanted him to be there. The appointment started out with the acupuncturist asking me questions about our fertility journey, as well as some questions about my anxiety. She then had me get up on the table for an introductory session. This was when she stuck the first needle in. Do you know the feeling when you get a tattoo of the needles almost tickling your skin? This was far far less intense than even that (I giggled while getting my tattoo). The acupuncturist put about six needles, between my wrist and elbow. Another four or five in each ankle, and then four or five in each ear. Then she left me be, with classical music playing, a heat lamp to keep me cozy, and the lights turned off.

I fell asleep.

That's right, needles stuck in, I felt as though my arms and feet were literally melting into the bed and I fell asleep. I just lay there and relaxed, and before I knew it, it was time to take the needles out. I have had many treatments for my anxiety, from massages to medications, this was by far the most relaxed I have ever felt. Tom brought me home, got me to the couch, and I haven't moved since. This is only an introductory treatment? Sign me up. My acupuncturist wants to see me on a weekly basis, initially to treat my anxiety, but she will also work in treatments to coincide with my IVF cycle. Aside from the obvious goal of pregnancy, we also set the goal to manage my anxiety with acupuncture, so that I can completely go off of my medication during pregnancy. That would be best for our baby.

The moral of the story? If you have a condition that can be treated with acupuncture, give it a try. It is no where near as painful as you would expect it to be, and the end result is just... amazing.


  1. i had to try acupuncture for my tendonitis in my wrist and unfortunatly it didn't work but at least i tried it. i'm glad it is helping you.

  2. Acupuncture is definitely helping me to relax, I'm looking forward to my next appointment next week. As for your tendonitis, I had to go to physical therapy for it in my right wrist when I was in high school, I forget what it was called but my therapist used this deep heat therapy, that definitely worked for me.

  3. “ is important to give everything a try.” – By trying out different treatments, you will not have any what-ifs later on. How is your fertility treatment going, Jenny? As for your anxiety, I can attest that this therapy definitely helps. I used to have sleeping issues because I was always anxious, and acupuncture helped me stay calm.

    Lura Wiechmann

  4. It is true that acupuncture can be a way of treating infertility. Once the treatment succeeds in regulating the body’s system, it will allow for proper blood flow towards the reproductive organ and stabilize hormone levels. Consequently, the ovarian function in women and sperm production in men will increase. ->Major Marburger

  5. There's no harm in trying, after all. If it doesn't work to treat your infertility, I'm sure that your other health issues were resolved. Be patient, Jenny. It may take a couple of acupuncture sessions before you can see its result. I hope that you feel better after your first try.

    -Kelly Yearwood @


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