Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters

I did not throw my cat away, he did this to himself!

Dear IVF Financial Services: Thank you for finally getting back to us and signing us off on financial approval! Our first IVF trial starts in November. I have never been so excited about the idea of giving myself shots and having surgery, but if this is what will make us parents, I'm all for it.

Dear Car: As of yesterday, you are fully paid for. Yay to Tom and I for making the final payment on our first major purchase!

Dear Ford Dealership: Your salesmen are absolute pricks, we were interested in a Ford Escape, but after the way you treated us, we are no longer interested in your brand, at all.

Dear Dodge Dealership: You will have yourselves a new customer in the next six months or so, once we save up a nice down payment. Your customer service is excellent, the Dodge Journey meets all our needs (and then some), and the safety rating is amazing. We look forward to doing business with you.

Dear Toyota Dealership: You guys are great too, and you are definitely our second choice, we were just a bit more comfy in the Dodge. No hard feelings, k? Oh, and thank you for completely making our day and telling us that we have accrued enough credit to be able to get a car loan. 

Dear Restaurant We Went to Last Night: Thank you for far exceeding our expectations, you were definitely better than the last time either Tom or I visited you. We will definitely be visiting you again soon. 

Dear Insomnia: After such an awesome day yesterday, why did you have to go and rear your ugly head last night? Really? Three hours of sleep? Not cool, not cool at all.

Dear Mom: Thank you for helping Tom and I out with our Halloween costumes, we are going to rock the party tomorrow night. 

Dear Tom: Things are changing so quickly and for the better. I am so excited about the direction our life is headed. We will be pregnant before the holidays, you start school in January, we will be buying our first new car at some point next year, and in three-four years we should be ready to buy a house. I finally feel like a grown-up, and it is so fun to have you at my side through it all. I have never been so optimistic about my future in my life, OUR future. 


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