Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ultrasound #3

In addition to injections every night, I also have the pleasure of almost daily ultrasounds and bloodwork. Actually, as of today, I'm up to daily ultrasounds as my next one is scheduled for tomorrow. For those of you that have not experienced IVF, the stimulation phase is a time in which fertility medications are administered via injection with the goal of creating follicles, which are little pouches of fluid that contain an egg. Each woman is different, the ideal situation is to create 20 follicles prior to egg retrieval. My ovaries have been rated as fair, and my doctor has given us the goal of 12 follicles prior to egg retrieval. In order for a follicle to be counted, it needs to measure 12mm in any direction. As of this morning, I am up to 6 measurable follicles, with a another half dozen or so that are between 11.5mm and 12mm, which will likely be countable tomorrow when I have my next ultrasound, followed by an acupuncture session, thank goodness. When the nurse called me today to give me my medication instructions, she told me that egg retrieval could occur as early as Wednesday but will likely occur on Thursday or Friday.

I am definitely looking forward to egg retrieval, not only because it means another step forward in our journey to become pregnant, but also because I'm not going to lie, it is really uncomfortable to have swollen ovaries. The average woman ovulates one, maybe two follicles in a cycle. I have about a dozen on each side. I'm crampy, and the heating pad and tylenol are not helping at all. I keep telling myself that the cramps are a good sign because it means that follicles are growing, but it is still very uncomfortable.

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